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Peter Pan Collared Shirt – Butterick Pattern 5890

Butterick Pattern 5890 - Peter Pan Collar Shirt - SittingButterick Pattern 5890 - Peter Pan Collar Shirt - StandingButterick Pattern 5890 - Peter Pan Collar Shirt - StairsI spent a long time debating on which view of Butterick 5890 I wanted to create. I finally decided on top D because I absolutely love shirts with a peter pan collar. I really like that this pattern asks for a contrasting fabric for the collar, because it makes this collar pop even more. The thing that made it even more perfect was adding a tiny bow to the middle of the collar, but you can very well add a cute button or pin. It's so easy to embellish and I love adding my own details.

Butterick 5890 really comes together quite easily and I could definitely recommend this pattern to a beginner sewer. In this project you'll learn not only how to create the peter pan collar, but also how to put in a zipper, do self lined sleeves and create tucks. The tucks are the techniques used to give the top that unique pleating in the front and back of the top. You'd be surprised at how incredibly easy it is to create this design and yet it's very effective in creating a silhouette with a cinched waist and a flared out hemline. The overall look is very unique.

This Butterick pattern is from their new summer line. You can order it directly from their site here.

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55 thoughts on “Peter Pan Collared Shirt – Butterick Pattern 5890

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    I usually do it at the end and only remove the basting stitches that are obvious to see on the right side of the garment. Please post a pic when you finish. You can do it! 🙂

  2. Sara2013

    Good evening,I am back to finish my blouse ,pattern 5890. I am doing the collar, i need to know when do i take out the basting stitches? Or i don’t.

  3. Sara2013

    Thank you. Now i can move on and cut out my interface. I sew my lining to the back of my lace but wheni back to the video on that you suggest to watch i notice it say to baste with 5/8. i just base the edges is that ok. If not i will take out the baste and resew it. What do u think?

  4. ProfessorPincushion

    You need 2 pieces from #6 and they should be opposite of each other. If there’s enough fabric leftover that you can fold in half and fit the #6 piece on it then you can cut both pieces out at once and they will be automatically opposite. If not, then cut one out, right side up and then another right side down. hope that helps.

  5. Sarita

    I need more help on the cutting out of # 6 (collarband) Should i cut 2 on the right and left side of pattern or1 each of both right and wrong sides?

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