Bow Tie

Bow TieIt's no secret that I have a preference for old timey styles.  Some may think that I use the projects on this website to my benefit, in order to get The Professor's Assistant to wear things that he normally wouldn't be caught dead in.  This may or may not be true.  Regardless, he is a good model and happens to look very dashing in a bow tie.  I have loved the bow tie for a long time and am happy that it seems to be somewhat resurrecting in fashion world beyond tuxedos.  While I probably won't be able to get The Professor's Assistant to wear a bow tie on a regular basis, we do have one in case a bow tie occasion should ever arise.

We do include a pattern to download for this project but you may have to do some adjustment, depending on your neck circumference.  Making these changes are incredibly easy though and I talk about it in this tutorial.

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52 thoughts on “Bow Tie

  1. Sewing Lady

    Thank you for your detailed directions. Do I need to interface both sides of the tie?

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    I didn’t cut mine on the bias and it was fine. Some like to cut it on the bias, like a tie, because then it gives the bow tie a little extra stretch.

  3. Gucci Grace

    Thank you! And when you get out the bow tie piece, does it matter if you cut on the bias or not?

  4. ProfessorPincushion

    it’s so the seam allowance doesn’t bunch up in these areas once it’s flipped right side out.

  5. Coyote

    How far in is that seam. I don’t want to make the tie too wide or narrow and the template doesn’t show where the seam will go.

  6. Ralph

    I have a very simple trick I use when turning fabric inside out. I pin a ribbon down the center of my fabric, that is long enough to reach my opening, just make sure you dont sew the ribbon to the fabric. When it’s time to turn the fabric inside out, grab the ribbon and pull it through the opening. It works every time.

  7. ProfessorPincushion

    the bow tie you see in our main image is created with the same pattern. the seam allowance is already included but yes, you’re dealing with a narrow fabric that can be difficult to turn inside out. This is what I do. Hold one end of the bowtie (still inside out) and take your bamboo stick and push on the end of the bow tie, towards the center. So you’re pushing on the outside, and as soon as a piece is near your opening, you can grab it and pull it right side out and then repeat with the other side. You can also make the pattern a bit bigger, just realize your bow tie will also be wider. you can do it! 🙂

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