Bow Tie

Bow TieIt's no secret that I have a preference for old timey styles.  Some may think that I use the projects on this website to my benefit, in order to get The Professor's Assistant to wear things that he normally wouldn't be caught dead in.  This may or may not be true.  Regardless, he is a good model and happens to look very dashing in a bow tie.  I have loved the bow tie for a long time and am happy that it seems to be somewhat resurrecting in fashion world beyond tuxedos.  While I probably won't be able to get The Professor's Assistant to wear a bow tie on a regular basis, we do have one in case a bow tie occasion should ever arise.

We do include a pattern to download for this project but you may have to do some adjustment, depending on your neck circumference.  Making these changes are incredibly easy though and I talk about it in this tutorial.

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52 thoughts on “Bow Tie

  1. donna

    I see a large arrow tried to click on that and nothing then clicked on right next to the arrow where it says download in gray and nothing happened. Then see the large gray box that tells you to sign up which I did.

  2. the_professors_assistant

    ok i think i know what you are doing. You are clicking on the “tags” under the video info area. Just to the right of that is the section called “download” and there is a link called “Bow Tie Pattern” in a gray box. Click that link and it will download the pattern. It downloads a zip file. The pdf is inside the zip file

  3. donna

    I’am not sure if I’am in the right area but it either brings me back to the video or if I click on pattern it takes me to other pattern for the professor. Yes I’am on a computer.

  4. donna

    wasn’t able to download the bow tie pattern. And to make it smaller to fit a 12 year old boy wold I just make it shorter on the long thin end?

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