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Blind Stitch

Blind Stitch DemoA blind stitch, also known as a blind hem or slip stitch, is a great hand stitch to know for creating nearly invisible hems.  It's commonly used on lighter, silkier fabrics but can be use on any project where you want a professional looking hem and don't mind hand sewing it.  One side of the stitch is usually on the inside fold of a fabric,  which hides the stitch when looking at it from the wrong side of the fabric.   The other side of the stitch gets tacked on to the right side of the fabric in very small stitches.  If thread matches the fabric really well, it'll be incredibly hard to see the stitching on the hem.

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4 thoughts on “Blind Stitch

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    I think I usually go directly across but even if you go a slight angle, it won’t hurt anything. To end a stitch, do your last stitch, then grab a little bit of the fabric, directly next to that last stitch, but don’t pull the thread all the way through. Instead put your needle through the thread loop and pull tight. This will create a knot. I usually do this twice to make it extra secure.

  2. Dawneei

    So when you started the stitch on the folded side of the fabric, were you suppose to start the next directly opposite of the fold stitch? I am very new to sewing but that seems like what you were doing. Also, if this is for a hem? is there a specific way that you need to tie off the thread?

  3. proskey

    Im sorry for this comment but your tutorial is not correct on the blind stitch! If the stitch is done correctly you do NOT see the stitch at all except for a tiny indent.. Sorry

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