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Blind Hem Machine Stitch

Blind Hem Machine StitchI know that I'm a little different.  For one thing, I really like hand sewing.  I find it relaxing and love to do it as I watch a movie.  I understand that not everyone is like me though and there are people who don't plan a fun evening around hand sewing the hem of the dress.  For those people, do we have a tutorial for you.  Our new tutorial is all about doing a blind hem on your sewing machine.  That's right I said blind hemming on your sewing machine.  Pretty sweet, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone's sewing machine has the capability to do a blind stitch.  For those people, don't look so sad.  You can still do them by hand like me.  I'll pop some popcorn for us and make it a party.  (You can check out the blind hem hand stitch here.)

For those of you that do have a machine that can do this, you are in luck and I'm sure you will never go back to doing it by hand!  When done on lightweight fabric, it'll give your garment a more professional look.  The garment will maintain a lightness to it and not be weighted down by a heavy hem.  Sometimes it helps a garment flow a little better.  Once you get the blind hem down, you'll really notice its benefits.



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4 thoughts on “Blind Hem Machine Stitch

  1. sewingsandy

    Excellent tutorial, I have wanted to learn how to do a blind hem for quite some time. I am going to try this on a pair of shorts that have been sitting , waiting for hem to be repaired for a long time. thx

  2. Sparkle and CO

    Happy to have seen this!!! It’s clearer to me now! It’s almost midnight now so I ‘ll try it tomorrow 😉
    Thanks for this video 😉

  3. margiesue

    I didn’t know sewing a blind hem on a sewing machine was this easy. Can’t wait to try it!

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