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Applique Double Sided Fusible WebbingIn the world of embellishing, I have to say that appliqueing is one of my favorites.  I think it may be because you can create so many different looks and it's really versatile.  Just think of all the fabric combinations and designs you can create.  It's easy to see how in doing an applique there are endless possibilities in what you can do to embellish your fabric creations.  Applique is used in quilting, garments, purses, kid's crafts.  There's really no end.  It's one of those things in that if you can dream it, chances are you can do it.  Even now, when I finish doing an applique, I still hold it with wonder and will remark to myself, (and whoever happens to be around), on how cool it looks.  I'm impressed very easily.

The method for creating an applique is very straight forward and easy and I go over the full process in the tutorial.  Basically, it's fabric that's been fused on to other fabric, utilizing a double sided fusible webbing.  I love this stuff as it has so many useful applications, but I mainly use double sided fusible webbing for creating appliques.  You can buy it prepackaged or by the yard, which I tend to find next to the interfacing.  After the fabrics are fused together, you can then choose to do a finishing stitch around the edge.  That's all there is to do it.  This is definitely one of those cases where the end result will look more impressive than the work and effort it goes into creating it.  Go applique!

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