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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Snow White, with dark, raven hair, snowy-white complexion, and ruby red lips. Her stepmother, the Queen, being a jealous, vain, evil woman, wanted to do away with Snow White because she was afraid Snow White would ruin her chance to get on America's Next Top Model. And after all the practice she did to learn how to “smize,” the Queen wouldn't let Snow White and her precious complexion get in her way. So the Queen doctored up an apple guaranteed to put Snow White into a deep sleep so that she would miss her audition. Satisfied with her delicious apple concoction, the Queen knew that Snow White wouldn't take it without some suspicion so she decided to disguise it in an adorable apple cozy. So she carefully, constructed the apple cozy, adding an extra touch of disguise mustache. In the end, the Queen had so much fun, she forgot about her evil plot to do away with Snow White and kept making apple cozies. She opened up her own apple cozy Etsy shop called “The Henchmen's Apples” and now has the life motto of “Beauty is fleeting, but apple cozies are forever.” And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

I love stories with a happy ending! You can give your apple a happy ending too with this tutorial on making your own apple cozy with fleece and felt. It's super easy and fun for all ages. Kids can easily participate too using fabric glue. The thing I like best about this project is that the applique possibilities are endless. It's just so much fun creating a new design for each apple that I didn't want to stop. I've seen plenty of the knitted cozies, which I love, but I'm not that proficient at knitting so this is my own take on it.   Apples will never be naked or bruised again.[clear]

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5 thoughts on “Apple Cozy

  1. reCurtis

    It really is a great learning site. I love it. I have yet to sew something, though. Just waiting on material. I enjoy watching all of the videos for now. I am really learning a lot.

  2. charlie7043

    Well, I am wondering where the written instructions are for this apple cozy. Am I just not seeing it? Surely I don’t have to do it while sitting and watching the video. lol Help! I need written instructions for everything! Like I said, I’m just getting back into sewing and would like to have the pattern instructions in writing. Thank you.

  3. ProfessorPincushion

    awesome! don’t forget to check out our monkey apple cozy tutorial. It comes with a free pattern to help make things easier 🙂

  4. charlie7043

    These are adorable! I am going to try and make one soon. My sister is an apple freak and collects everything she can find! I’ll bet she doesn’t have one of these! I’m just starting to sew again. It’s been years, about 40, since I’ve sewn. I’m retired now so have to have something to fill my hours. I just discovered this site and am very enthused to learn some new things. God bless and have a good day.

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