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Amount of Fabric

Back of Pattern Envelope InformationIf the back of pattern envelopes leave you overwhelmed, then this video is for you.  Professor Pincushion breaks down each part of the directions found on the back of an envelope so that it is easy and clear to understand how much fabric you need for patterned projects, what type of fabric to use, and which notions to get.  Once you get this down, you'll easily be able to read and understand the back of any pattern envelope.

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One thought on “Amount of Fabric

  1. keyco1537

    You are the only one who has explained what all that stuff on the back meant and I took sewing classes for beginners but they expected you to know this already and if you didn’t you were out of luck because they only helped the ones who knew how to sew already. And these were paid classes not free classes either. Thank you again.

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