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Some of my quilts…

Some of my quilts…

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    I bought a sewing machine almost a decade ago but it sat largely unused for a long time. In January I decided I wanted to make a quilt and my wife (who doesn’t sew) agreed to help. Since then we have been quilting together and have produced several quilts. Here are a few of them:
     photo BlandQuilt_zpsa8273055.jpg
    This sailboat quilt was made as a gift for the girl on the right who just had a baby boy. My wife is on the left.

    Just needs to be quilted and bound and it'll be picnic time. photo photobucket-14757-1381187668842_zpsaec89864.jpg
    This quilt top is waiting to be quilted. It is a basic irish chain with piano key border on 2 sides. It will be backed with denim and used as a picnic quilt and a play quilt for my son who is due in February.

    HeartQuilt photo photobucket-1332-1360504538149_zps66030d13.jpg
    This heart quilt I made as a lap quilt for my grandmother. I can not remember the name of the pattern but I found it for free off the Moda “Bakeshop” site.

    Bathroom1 photo photobucket-5811-1360967247563_zps3d205bd3.jpg
    This is the quilted curtain and shower cutrain we made for out very 1960’s pink/grey bathroom. This is a log cabin block (with traditional red center) arranged in a “all sevens” design. The curtain is reinforced with stiff interfacing but the shower curtain is just backed with muslin and minimally quilted to avoid absorbing and holding moisture.

    Getting pin basted and ready for quilting! photo photobucket-7491-1358693578956.jpg
    This was our very first quilt which was completed in February of 2013. It is a log cabin block arranged in a Raising the barn” design. It is a long full size quilt or a slightly small queen size. We made it to use with our couch, not to a specific bed size.



    Good job!!!! I want to make a quilt for my grand daughter’s birthday…. I’m kind of lost….. very new to sewing. I primarily crochet

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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