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Simplifying Men’s Boxers

Simplifying Men’s Boxers

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    Hi. I am trying to sew simple shorts for my son. He doesn’t want the button or the fly…he’s fine with pull-on shorts with an elastic waistband. So I want to skip all of the button-fly instructions on this video and just follow the instructions for the waistband, crotch, and hem. However, I’m a beginner and once I printed out the pattern, I couldn’t figure out how to modify it to make one solid front part without messing up the crotch and leg parts. How do I make this pattern simpler?


    yes, you can definitely simplify it. I’ve include a picture to help illustrate (it’s for a pair of pants but just ignore that since it’s essentially the same.) The current boxer pattern has the beginning of a crotch curve and then the pattern line jets out for the fly section of the shorts. If you take a look at my pant example, you’ll see the crotch curve and then it goes straight up to the waistline. This is what it looks like for something without a fly and what you need to do to alter the pattern so you can sew a seam in this section instead of a fly. Hope that helps! 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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