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    I have reviewed your tutorial for this pattern. Your tutorial is very very helpful on on to contruct each pattern piece. I have to do a full bust adjustment for the coat and bustier and I have to alter the waist. I can handle the waist adjustment. And, I understand how to do the FBA. I understand how to adjust the side front piece. What I don’t understand is how to make the FBA to the coat front piece, or even if I should adjust that piece. I will be making the entire outfit using stretch taffeta. For reference, my measurements are:
    Bust: 48
    Waist: 43
    Hips: 48
    Back waist length:16.5

    Thanks so much.


    The coat for this pattern doesn’t really go over the bust but doing an exact bust alteration isn’t as crucial. It sounds like you’ll be increasing both the bust and the waist and since their pattern size stops at size 22, you might want to consider doing pattern grading instead of pattern alteration. So instead of altering each aspect waist and hip, you’re basically grading up the pattern as a whole and moving it to the next size. We don’t have a tutorial on this but there’s a great article on how to do it here: Good luck! This is such a fun costume and I’d love to see a picture when you finish it 😀


    I don’t think I ever sent this to you – I was inspired by your walk through of making this pattern, and came up with the attached end-result. What do you think? (I actually went back after this occasion of wearing it, and remade the pleated section of the skirt in blue satin with white stars all over; makes it more Wonder Woman-ish, don’t you think?)


    @jenerator super cute!!! that’s a very creative spin on this pattern. thanks for sharing 😀


    Finished coat. Now working on skirt and bustier.

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