Simple question regarding vintage patterns.

Simple question regarding vintage patterns.

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    So I picked up a 1950s pattern and the methods were clear except that there are these dark circle symbols that are not explained on the instruction sheet:

    1, Are these filled circles symbols that need to be transferred to pattern or are they just there as guides? (picture included)

    2. One of the instructions says i have to cut away a part of pattern A along the fold line then “Less 3/8 ” on inner unnotched edge”…IF I cut out along the fold line…theres a large circle along the fold line…does that count as a notch? Which inner unnotched edge are they talking about?

    Thank you for any help on this!

    EDIT: What…it won’t let me delete photos?!


    that’s a super cute pattern! This is how I would interpret it. Interfacing is going to be added to the side on the right of the foldline to stabilize the area for buttons and buttonholes. they simply want you to cut off this side of the pattern so they didn’t have to print a separate pattern piece for this. (If it were me, I wouldn’t cut this piece off. Instead, I’d go to Michael’s or a craft store, buy some tracing paper, and simply trace an outline. That way if you want to make this pattern again, you don’t have to worry about taping and retaping it back together again.) The foldline would be considered the “inner unnotched side” of your new interfacing pattern. When you make your new pattern, instead of tracing directly on the foldline, you can draw a new straight line, 3/8″ in (to the right of the foldline) since they want the interfacing to be a bit smaller for this area. And you would cut 2 out of the new pattern, one for the right side, one for the left. I would make a few marks to indicate the fold line on your fabric piece. As far as the black circle is concerned. I don’t know what this is for sure but usually, if I’m unsure, I read through the directions and see if it’s ever brought up. That will be the first place to look for a clue. Either way, it doesn’t really hurt to just make the mark anyways on your fabric, even if you don’t use it. I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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