Sewing with a Triple Needle

Sewing with a Triple Needle

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    Can you tell me how I can use a Triple Needle? I know how to sew with a Twin Needle but I like to know more about what the tension must be on a Janome DC2010 and how to tread it. I would like to do a fun accent on some jeans shorts.

    Thank you so much for a quick response

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    that would be cool looking. Sewing with a triple (or drilling) needle is pretty similar to the double needle. For the third spool of thread, put that thread on an extra bobbin that you have and then put the bobbin on top of one of the previous spools on a spool pin. If you have the room on the spool pin to separate these spools do so with a spool end cap. That way it prevents them from getting tangled as you’re sewing. Then just thread as normal. You may have to reduce your thread tension a bit and I would just sew slow to make sure things aren’t getting too tangled. good luck!


    Thank you for the response, great idea to seperate the spools and it works!!

    With kind regards, Jacqueline



    Want to buy a new one, any recommendation from this list :



    Sorry, I haven’t sewn on any of these machines so I can’t offer any personal recommendations. We did a general video on tips for buying a sewing machine, you can watch it here:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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