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Satin binding

Satin binding

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    I am a self taught beginner, straight line sewer. My granddaughter fell in love with a fleece material and asked me to make a blanket. Thinking all I had to do was attach some binding and call it a day I said sure.

    I have taking the sating binding off so many times I had to throw it out.

    As soon as I start sewing within 6 inches the binding starts running crooked almost twisted. I am so frustrated. I have looked at 50 videos. I went from straight stitches to the zig zig wide stitches. I fed it through, I made sure there was no weight from the blanket. I pinned it straight, sideways, close together, a little wide. I am at a complete loss.

    I saw your video with the clips and it seemed so easy. Any help you can give me I will surely appreciate.

    Thanks so much


    satin binding is not easy to work with so you’re definitely not alone. One tip that I think could make it easier is in the prep of the blanket. Use a rotary cutter to make the edges of the blanket as straight as possible. If the edges of the blanket are not perfectly straight, then this could cause issues later with the binding. I use the binding clips as not to create holes in the satin binding and I also do not bind around the whole blanket at once. Instead I just bind in sections. When you’re sewing, don’t take out your clips too soon. Sew as close to the clip as you can before removing it. I find that if I take pins or clips out early, it allows my binding to start to get waves. Use a walking foot. That way it’s feeding the fabric through evenly and you’ll probably be able to get closer to your clips. And don’t be too hard on yourself. Even I may get a wave here and there but if I expect perfection, I’d never finish anything 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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