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Right Front Button Packet (Stwo Pieces)

Right Front Button Packet (Stwo Pieces)

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    This is not the placket that is sewn into the collar area.

    Dear PP:
    I have struggled with this for almost three years. I study the pattern, the insturctions and the blouse. I put it bag into its zip lock and put it away again. I just cannot figure it out. I watched an Angela Wolfe video that has the same sort fly and facing, yet she does it a different way. I can be flexible, but this problem is just one I can’t figure out and need help with for the sake of figuring the darn thing out.

    Ok, it is a button up blouse. It is McCall Pattern M7546. I got as far as step twenty. Step twenty reads, Press under 5.7 on long unnotched edge of right FRONT FACING (4) Trim pressed-under edge to 3/8.

    Previously I had sewn the fly onto the blouse.

    Directions 21 says Pin remain right fly section to right front facing, right sides together, matching notches and circles. Stitch upper edge to small circle, trim seam allowances. Press seam allowance tow front facing.

    NOw it makes not visula sense. Should I fold that fly? It is three pieces of material, the blouse, the fly, and the facing.

    I will check back everyday to find a response. I am ready to tosh the thing out.

    Gay A Williams


    oh no! that sounds so frustrating! I went to the fabric store so I could look up the directions myself because it’s usually easier for me to understand if I have both the written and picture graphic images, but they didn’t have it so I’m not sure if this is an out-of-print pattern. I’m assuming at this stage the facing is still separate and has not been sewn to the garment yet. Is there a left fly and right fly? or only a right fly? Because maybe the previous instructions where they wanted you to sew on the fly, it was only for the left one. Then it might make sense that you’re sewing the right fly with the front facing and neither are attached to the garment yet. If it were me, I’d make up this garment in a muslin, at least the parts that you’re having trouble with, so I could experiment without doing damage to the real garment. Sometimes when I’m kind of stuck, I’ll do my best guess, and then as I continue later steps will suddenly make the previous step make more sense to me. But if you want to upload images of the directions that also show the pictures of the steps, I might be able to help better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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