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    I’m asking if Professor Pincushion (Tova) does private lessons via Zoom? I have a pair of flowy shorts (pictures attached) I want to duplicate and just can’t seem to figure out creating the pattern pieces, I have watched the videos. I have made shorts and a few other things. I like the way she teaches and wondered if she does private lessons. I live in Illinois



    Hi Nancy! We don’t currently offer zoom private lessons at this time. For something like this, it’s not easy from me to help from a distance as it’s difficult for me to troubleshoot when I can’t handle the item in my own hands. And it looks like these shorts have an elastic waist, which makes things a bit more complicated as you can’t really lay it out on your pattern paper all stretched out. I will say this though, just from my general knowledge, whatever you get from finding the hip line measurement (for shorts front and back) is probably going to be the same for the waistline. Normally, with fitted pants, we take the hipline and waistline measurement separately for drafting and they’re different. When it comes to doing something with an elastic waistline, I just take the hipline and make my waistline the same measurement. This way it’s guaranteed that when it stretches, it fits over your hips as you pull it up but it’s the elastic inside the casing is what makes it fitted to your waist. If you can at least draft a pattern from hemline to hipline, that should get you at least most of the way there and than you can just extend the side seam and crotch line in a straight line to the waistline (and don’t forget to add extra to account for folding over to create the casing). You don’t even have to use the shorts for this as you can just measure on your own body the distance between your hips and where you want the shorts to fall on your waist (this distance is usually about 7-9 inches on most people.) And you can also try to find a similar pattern, either to try and get something close or to alter to get it more to your liking. I found this one on mccall’s site: If you use a flowy fabric, you might be able to get a similar style to what you like. I hope this was helpful

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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