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Overlay Trim to a vest

Overlay Trim to a vest

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    Hi. How are you today? I want to cover up the existing trim.
    I would like to know your opinion or best advice on how to overlay a satin ribbon to a faux vest existing trim?

    I have average experience at sewing. In other words, I’m not a beginner but I only know the basics of sewing from a high school class several years ago.

    Any guidance or advice from you would be appreciated.


    That’s really cute! Hmmm…if it were me, I’d sew the ribbon trim on the fur pieces before sewing the vest together. I think placement is going to be the trickiest especially since you want to be as accurate as possible so maybe place the two front pieces side by side so you can work that out. And you might need extra long straight pins to go through the thickness to hold the ribbon in place. But I’d just sew on the both the top and bottom of the ribbon, using a slightly longer stitch length (like a 3 or 3.5). Then after I finish, I’d take a straight pin and try to pull some of the fur out from beneath the ribbon stitching, so it looks more natural and not just a clean line in the fur. But if I were you, I’d practice a little on a fur scrap to make sure it looks good before moving on to your bigger project. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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