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Laying out my jean pattern pieces on fabric

Laying out my jean pattern pieces on fabric

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    I watched the tutorial about making jeans pattern out of an existing pair of jeans. Loved it-so helpful!
    Then went to watch how to make the jeans with the pattern I just made. But there is no directions in how to lay out my jean pattern on the fabric to cut it out. Huge chunk of info missing…lol. I need to know how to lay out my pattern pieces on the fabric to cut it out. I searched the videos and found how to read a store bought pattern and how to lay out the pieces, but that isn’t helpful since I made the pattern with an existing pair of jeans and have no directions. Please help. Is there another video out there to show me this?



    I’m sorry for the confusion. Draw your grainline arrows so they run parallel to the length of the jeans, which means that the arrow should go in the direction from top to bottom of the pattern. This is easy when we’re talking about the big pieces like the front and back of the jeans because you’re basically down the pantleg. When it comes to the tiny pieces, like the pockets, the same rule still applies, you just imagine where it’s placed on the pants and then your doing a line from the top to the bottom of the pattern piece. This is so when we’re cutting out our pattern pieces, we’re cutting out each piece so that the direction of the fabric is all going the same way and there will be consistency when all the fabric pieces come together again. When putting the pieces on your fabric, you’ll want all grainline arrows to be parallel with the selvage and it should guarantee that you did it correctly. The truth is, it doesn’t matter that one piece is next to another piece in a specific order. As long as you follow the grainline rule, then you did it correctly. Hope this answers your question and good luck making your jeans! You can do it 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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