How to hem a coat with lining

How to hem a coat with lining

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    Hello Professor Pincushion,

    I am a bit of a novice at sewing. I have been making the coat from the New Look 6163 pattern. It is unlined but I wanted the coat lined, so I have made a lining and attached it to the interfacing but I am not sure how to do the hemming. There are slits up the side of the coat which is adding to my dilemma. Can you help me please? Any advice would be gratefully received.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks



    If there are slits the jacket, then I would do slits to the lining as well before you insert it into the jacket. You can also do your hemming of the lining prior to putting it inside the jacket, just make it shorter so that there’s no chance it’ll stick out below the jacket. Once the lining is inside, you can hand sew the slits and parts of the lining to the main fabric to help keep it place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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