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Baby clothes and other sewing projects

Baby clothes and other sewing projects

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    I already posted in the quilting area some pictures of my quilting work. Below are some pictures of my non-quilting sewing work. Also, I’m a guy who sews so I guess that makes me somewhat rarer than a unicorn.

    Here is a tie based on Simplicity 4762 (like the Professor’s video) and a matching hair clip for my wife made.
    Jack-o-lantern tie and matching hair bow. (The bow is for Tabatha as I lack the hair to install it) photo photobucket-4323-1383169788082_zpse825ef37.jpg

    Shark Bag! I actually made 2 of these. One for myself and another for my neighbors grandbaby. Pattern is available free @: (I hope it is okay to link to other blogs here?)
    Shark bag! photo photobucket-12374-1382786121157_zps43197c17.jpg
    Bag is fleece with a cotton lining and the teeth are felt. The other day I was at the craft store and found these sheets of thin plastic-y foam and I think they could be used for teeth instead and the thing would be washable. Maybe if I make a third I’ll try that.

    My wife and I are expecting our first baby in February so I started making some baby stuff. Here are a couple pairs of pants. My wife actually sewed the green ones, I think it was her first time sewing anything. She did a good job but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in continuing to sew. She still helps me with cutting and ironing sometimes though.
    I made one pair then Tabatha made the other. Need to make a couple more pairs in fleece for February. photo photobucket-2779-1382738073183_zpscc62d06e.jpg

    Here is a diaper cover (bloomers) and a little vest I made. The vest was probably the most difficult thing I’ve sewn to date because of the size and tightness of the curves. The edges are finished with commercially made single fold bias tape.
    Another diaper cover (bloomer) and a vest. photo photobucket-8647-1382656358888_zpsf7d82b78.jpg

    Here is my first baby sewing project, a diaper cover made of some cute tractor fabric.
    Today's sewing project: cloth diaper cover photo photobucket-9192-1382479187917_zps40263b51.jpg

    As you can see, I’m getting good use out of that diaper cover pattern. These were made for my niece.
    Bloomers photo photobucket-11219-1382634002659_zps3fc95c62.jpg


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