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hello, you can buy professional dressforms through this company They’re more expensive than the adjustable dressforms but a better quality and easier to work with when it comes to fitting and draping. If you need a dress form for yourself and want to go the cheap route, you can also make your own. I haven’t tried this but there are a lot of tutorials online. Here’s one I found:, they use plaster for durability but I’ve also seen people use ducktape.

To be honest, I haven’t drafted a bodice block for xxl sizes so I can’t speak on if there needs to additional measurements needed for drafting the block. I would try the steps given and, definitely, make a muslin to see what the fit is like. I feel like this would give you at least a good jumping off point and be more accurate than a basic bodice from a commercial pattern company, as they tend to only draft for a size 8 and then just evenly grade the pattern up so the proportions remain the same for all sizes. If you do it, please let me know your results because I’m interested in what you learn. Thanks!