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Hi Janie,
So the inset is the half circle piece that is stitched to the middle of your front piece in step 3. When you sew your side sections to the front in step four, they’re just telling you to make sure that the seam you made in step three doesn’t get caught in your new seam. If you maybe press the seam from the inset towards the center than you probably won’t have to worry about it when you’re making your seams in step four. Whenever you have curved seams, make sure you click notches into the seam allowance (just don’t cut into your stitches) and you can also trim the seam allowance so it’s smaller. It should lie a little flatter after that. If you don’t, it will tend to bunch up because you’re trying to fit your seam allowance fabric in a smaller area. Hope this helps and I’d love to see a picture when you finish. 🙂