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hi there! I’m so glad you want to take up sewing as a new hobby! 😀 I have been asked this question many times but, have to admit, I’m not a sewing machine expert because I’ve been using the same machine for many years. (We’re almost coming up on our 20 year anniversary!) Here’s a response I gave to someone else: Craigslist is a great place to look for machines. I’ve even seen ones like mine. You can set up a search notification on craigslist so that you’ll get an email every time someone posts an ad for a sewing machine. Since you know you want to do hemstitching, definitely look for a machine that can do a few extra decorative stitches. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a $2000 machine, as even some of the inexpensive machines can have decorative stitch options.
As far as getting someone to create a pattern for you. Maybe ask around at your local fabric store. Many of them have a binder or bulletin board where people advertise services. Also, you can try craigslist for this as well. Good luck! 🙂