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hmmm….as far the skirt is concerned, maybe use a stiffer netting as opposed to tulle. it’ll give a more structured skirt. Then for the underskirt, you can sew in boning at the bottom and then even add another tulle or organza underskirt under that to get more fullness. I don’t know what the individual skirt pattern pieces look like, but if you want to add extra fullness at the bottom, you can extend the edge at the hemline and blend this line up to the side seam of the skirt pattern. I don’t have this pattern so I haven’t read the directions, but, generally, you’ll create the outer skirt, create the lining skirt and then baste them together at the waistline. Once this is done, you can attach the bodice, but, yes, the bodice needs to be completed before it’s attached to the skirt pieces. good uck! 🙂