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Hi MsTLF, I’m reading a few questions in your post. I’d like to offer some suggestions. When embroidering on a knit you need to use – cut-away ( not wash away, not tear tear away) stabilize in the hoop. Your project will not survive the washing of the garment. The embroidery will buckle more and more with each wash. The cut-away stabilizer should be the correct weight of cut- away stabilizer for the stitch count of the embroidery design. You will have improved results using a ball point sewing.machine needle to embroidery onto a knit fabric. For more detailed information on choosing hoop stabilizers – – comes to mind. Their “techniques” tab or the “Tips” should be helpful. For information about sewing machine needles – – look at the “products tabs”. Schmitz is the go to place for everything you should know about home embroidery machine needles. I hope I was helpful. I would like to see your project. Hope you’ll post a picture. MN