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My local chain fabric store doesn’t carry these supplies either so I definitely had to search to find them and ended up finding them at a fabric supply store that is more geared towards fashion fabrics rather than all around craft store.  As far as the paper is concerned, you don’t need to use pattern paper.  You can just get large sheets of paper or get medium sheets and tape them together.  If you a have a local art supply store, you may find some paper that would make a good substitute.  I only prefer the pattern paper because it is large and has marks to use as a guide for making straight edges. I did find a store online that does carry all the supplies though  

Pattern Paper:  HERE  

French Curve:  HERE  

Hip Curve:  (they call it a skirt curve) HERE  

I think that’s it as everything else should be pretty easy to find.  Good luck and we’d love to see how your pants turn out.  🙂