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Sorry that I haven’t watched the pinning video so this is probably already there.  The most important thing about marking fabric is to make sure you use something that’s not going to leave a permanent mark on your fabric.   Chalk, washable ink pens, dressmaker’s carbon paper, etc.  It’s really worth spending a little extra for the right tools.  I also usually use the pin method that Professor Pincushion explains in the video.  Other times, I use dressmaker’s carbon paper and a tracing wheel.  A lot depends on how lazy I am feeling and whether I’ve used pins or weights to cut the pattern.  Full disclosure, I hate the “pinning the pattern to the fabric” step the most so when I’ve pinned the pattern and there’s not much to be marked, I usually use carbon paper but when I use weights,  I use the pin method.  I am a baster so I guess I’m just eager to get on the machine.