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Oh, I hope it doesn’t lead to a UFO or EFO! Menswear patterns are super limited in the pattern world so it doesn’t take long to go through them all and come to the conclusion that men only wear vests, pajamas or scrubs. This is too bad because it does seem like men are picking up this hobby more and more. I don’t think you’re going to find a pattern like that exactly but you might be able to find a few basic patterns that can help you get part of the way and then do a few tweaks on your own. It seems that Burda patterns have the most to offer when it comes to men’s patterns. The two that might help you out the most might be and this one You need to use your imagination a bit and see which parts of the pattern you can use. The only other option is if you come across a similar jacket (at a thriftstore or that you own) you can try and use it as a guildeline to creating your own patterns. If you ever come across a treasure trove of decent patterns for men, please let me know 🙂