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wow, that’s a lot of measurements!  If you just want to use a commercial pattern, you don’t need all those measurements.  You just need bust, hips and waist.   When they say fullest, it means the circumference of that area at the widest point of the body.  So a measurement of the fullest part of the hips would be measuring around the circumference of the body at the point where your hips are the widest.  All those other measurements are mainly used for making alterations and when you get into patternmaking.  You’ll see I use some of these different type of measurements for some of my patternmaking tutorials because when you’re creating custom patterns then you need these numbers.  If you just want to start with commercial patterns, then just keep it easy on yourself and worry about bust, waist, and hips. So I go over these measurements in our tutorial Measurements.  But basically you take your full circumference of the fullest part of the bustline, at your natural waistline (where you have a natural indentation above your belly button) and the fullest part of your hips.  Make sure to take these measurements in tight fitting clothes (we don’t need it adding unnecessary inches) and it’s better if a friend can help so you can stand up straight and tall.  No looking down.  The tape measure should run flat and evenly over the body, parallel to the floor.  It should be snug so you can still fit a finger or two under the tape measure,  but not too tight and no cheating on numbers.  You only cheat on yourself, if you cheat.  The best looking clothes fit well. Compare these to the back of the pattern envelope.  Remember that commercial pattern sizes are different than retail sizes (otherwise known as vanity sizing).  You’ll tend to get a size that’s bigger than what you normally where.  So don’t freak out if you normally wear clothes that are a size 10 but the pattern says you’re a size 18.  Get the group of the numbers that best suit you and that’s your size.  Now sometimes bust and hip will be perfect but the waist size may be a few inches bigger.  That’s fine and go with that size.  It’s easier to take in the waist a little.    We also have bust increase and bust decrease alterations if you need to try that.  We’ll be having more alterations tutorials as well. Good luck!