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Hi there, If you click on the videos tab, you’ll see a button (above the thumbnail pics) that says “Sort Videos”.  Put your mouse over that and a drop down menu will appear.  Put your mouse over the option of  “sort by category” and a new drop down menu will appear.  These are all the categories that we’ve organized our videos by.  For example, “Inside the Sewing box” shows all the tutorials on different tools you use in sewing.  The category “Intro to Patterns” will show you all the videos from taking your measurements to cutting out your pattern to reading the different parts of the pattern.  If you want to see if we have a particular video subject such as “seam ripper” you can try typing it in our search bar and the best results will pop up.  If you want to try to complete a commercial pattern with us from beginning to end, I recommend checking out our tutorial on Simplicity pattern 2147.  Have fun learning how to sew! 🙂