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Hi there! You do not need a dress form, but it’s definitely easier and recommended to have a friend help you.  When starting a new project, it’s a great idea to make a muslin of the project.  This means using a cheap fabric (similar in type to what you would use for the real thing).  You’re going to make your item, but it’s ok to just baste the pieces together.  If you’re just concerned with one aspect, say the bodice of the dress, you can just do that instead of making the whole dress.  Try the item on.  I like to try it on inside out so I can easily pin the seam allowance or dart areas.  Of course, you want to be standing tall and straight when you do this and not bending over or twisting around.  This is why it’s better to have a friend help.  You can try and do it yourself but there might be a lot of trial and error.  Just pin what you think, stand up straight and test the fit.  Any final changes you want to make, you adjust on your pattern piece.  Also, unless you’re working with a stretchy fabric, make sure you don’t make your garment too tight.  Sometimes there’s ease built into the pattern pieces so that it makes it comfortable to move about.  After you pin your adjustments, make sure you can still bend over, sit down and generally move comfortably.  Good luck!