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Sorry for the delay in response. My computer broke last week and I just got a new one and trying to get caught up. On the back of the envelope, there should be a selection called Fabric Suggestions. This is going to be your biggest help in picking a fabric. It’s not going to give you every single fabric that you can use but it should give you a general idea. Usually, I use it to determine if they’re suggesting a woven fabric or a knit fabric. Then I determine what kind of weight these fabrics tend to be. So if the fabric suggestion says something like “Satin, Crepe, Silk” I can assume that the pattern should be used with a woven, midweight fabric. If I wanted to use Taffeta, I can because it would fit those two requirements. If the suggestion is chiffon or organza, those are woven, lightweight. I wouldn’t then want to use denim because even if it’s a woven fabric it would be heavyweight and probably not give me the same draped look as a chiffon. Hope that helps. Also, if you haven’t watched our tutorial on Pattern Envelope Overview, I would recommend checking it out: