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I have two rotary cutters just like you have in the video. What was a nice surprise for me is the use of the cans to hold the pattern in place. I have a pattern that has several sizes on it, but I don’t want to cut it. I have ordered some paper like is used in a Dr. office on the exam table. I have also ordered a double headed tracing wheel, which is in cm. unfortunately, and I will pin the pattern onto the exam paper and make my own pattern sizes that way. And, I do have tracing paper. I also have the two tracing wheels like you show in the videos. I feel better about not having to be perfect when cutting. I am going to watch a video again. It is about marking the fabric.. Oh! I was wondering how helpful that French Curve is? I have a buddy who is XXXXXXXXXXX size. 🙂 I don’t think there is a pattern to fit him. I was thinking I could use it to help make a pattern for him based on a pattern I already have. I will watch that video, too. Thanks for the heads up on the cutting! I do appreciate it.