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Thank you so much for considering supporting us on Patreon! To be honest, we had considered adding a level as you suggested in which the receiver could choose a pattern tutorial for us to create but as we debated about it we just couldn’t come up with a way that it would be fair for both us, the creators, and for the patron. Full pattern tutorials require quite a bit of time to create as even the very simple basic ones can be in production for at least a week. Because of the time and effort behind creating these types of tutorials, we “charge” quite a bit for them. So while I’m flattered that people want to be taught by me personally, I understand that most individuals probably won’t want to pay for that type of service and it’s more economical find a seamstress locally who can take you through the pattern of your choice. Just know, that if you’re ever going through a pattern on your own and get stuck on a step, you can upload an image of that step on this forum and I’ll do my best to help you through it. 🙂