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oh no! Since you have to hem it up by so much, I would put a chalk mark on where you need to hem so you have a visual on how much you need to do the overlay. The problem, of course, is that the overlay is not hemmed but rather has a seam at the bottom. To have the same look, you would have to remove seams, take the overlay out and put in a new seam that would make it shorter. I realize that this would be a pain in the neck and you could instead do a normal hem at the bottom of the overlay by just turning it under but you would still have to open the side seam that it’s stitch to and do a hem all along the whole length of the overlay for it to look uniform. After you fix the overlay you can then restitch the side seam and do the rest of the hem underneath. It will definitely be quite an undertaking but I hope you finish it so you can have a cute dress to wear.