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Reply To: Bottom piece too big for yolk

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Last night I did go over and compare my fabric pieces to the original pattern and everything is exactly the same. I pleated my pattern and laid the pattern on top of the front/back pieces and the pleats matched exactly. Yes, Image #1 is the pleated front piece and the back is exactly the same. In Image #2 I tried to show how big the gap is between the notches/pins on the front and back pieces. Image #3 is the arm pit area. I think I like the idea of making the pleats larger and and I think I’ll try that. That also gave me the idea that I could also possibly add an additional pleat on each side (have 8 total each side instead of 6). The pleating is where I though I messed up, but after going over instructions the 2nd time I found I did exactly like the instructions stated. At that point is where I found your video. 🙂 And after watching that, it only confirmed to me that I was actually doing it correctly. So in a few hours, I will get back to it and see what I can do to get this finished up. Thank you so much so far for your help. I do feel much more confident in getting this completed. BTW, I was a bit worried about using the fabric I used. I tend to stick to fabric w/out stripes and things, so this is a change for me. So thanks!