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I haven’t used this brand before but it seems like your standard fusible webbing. According to their manufacturers website, it can be used on almost all fabrics and be fused at lower temperatures, so it should work on polyester. It’s main use is for appliques, which are not only fused but also reinforced with stitches around the perimeter. Years ago, I was in a hurry to finish a costume and, because I was running out of time, I decided to use something similar to iron up the hem instead of stitching it. It was fast, easy and I was quite impressed. After a few hours of wearing the costume though, my hem decided started to come undone. Maybe I didn’t have my heat set at a high enough setting but, for me, nothing beats sewing especially if it’s going to have a lot of wear. Just have your dad be aware that it might not be as permanent as he would like. But if it does last forever, let me know. 🙂
As for sleeve length, have you’re dad try it on, fold under until it’s the length that he likes it, and put in a couple of pins to hold it. You only need to do this for one sleeve and then you can measure the alteration length and just copy it for the other one.