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yup!  That’s the nice thing about making your own pattern.  Just be aware that your back leg width is always 1″ bigger than your front.  So if you make the hemline of the front leg 5″ than the back will be 6″.  Make sure that you do add a little bit of measurement for ease so it’s not too tight and you can move easily.  For a slimline version of the basic pants, check our my tutorial on the cigarette pants.  This tutorial uses the block created in the basic pants tutorial so you will need that first.  Even if you feel you will never wear the basic pants, it’s a good idea just to create the block and make it out of muslin so you can at least test the fit of your pattern.  From this basic block you can then go on to create different styles by making changes to the block and save yourself some work.  You can do it! 🙂