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Ok, in continuation with above, I viewed your video of how to increase Waist pattern alteration. I understood the info., but when I looked for the waist measurement on my pattern there is no waist measurement (this is for a maxi dress with the bodice and lower dress). If I don’t have a waist measurement how can I increase the waist measurement for my pattern?

I also require a decrease alteration in a hip measurement. So, I would need to do both. I always have to alter my garment for hip measurement at the completion of my project.

My measurements are Bust: 40 Waist: 35 Hips: 40

My maxi dress size 16 Bust size: 40 1/2 Hips: 43 1/2

*Waist always too snug and hips always way big iin size 16 but is closest size for my measurements.

Any help is appreciated!