Zombie Hand Puppet

Zombie Hand Puppet ScaryZombie Hand Puppet Zombie
I originally created this zombie hand puppet a year ago and have been holding on to it, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to release it.  Now that it’s Halloween, there really isn’t a more perfect time.  What I love about this zombie project is that it’s simple, yet it’s a lot of fun to create and it’s really easy to go crazy with the personalization of it.  With adult supervision, it can also be a fun, holiday activity to do with kids. If you don’t want them to use needles, pretty much all the pieces can be attached using fabric glue.

As with all my favorite projects, this zombie hand puppet is create with felt.  If you want something easy and inexpensive, feel free to use craft felt, which you can buy by the yard or precut squares.  I used wool felt for mine, which is a bit more durable and higher quality, but is more expensive.    You really don’t need much felt so, even if you have scraps, you can probably get by for most of the things you need to cut out.

The size of this hand puppet is probably best for a child.  You can enlarge the pattern if you want to make it bigger for a larger hand.  Just take it into account that I do add 1/4″ seam allowance so after each side is sewn together, it’ll will be a bit smaller than the size of the pattern.

If you do make one, we’d love see your version, so don’t forget to post it in our member’s showcase.

Zombie Hand Puppet Human


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