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Working with Confetti Dot Fabric

Working With Confetti Dot FabricConfetti dot fabric (also known as glitter dot fabric) can usually be found in the special occasion/apparel section of a fabric store.  It's an especially popular fabric for costumes because it sparkles in the light.  Even if you don't recognize the name, you probably are somewhat familiar with the fabric.  This thin fabric usually comes in bright colors and has plastic, reflective dots glued all over it.  On the surface, confetti dot fabric doesn't seem that difficult to sew with and beginners have probably purchased it without giving it a second thought.  It soon becomes apparent that this fabric can be quite annoying to sew.  The glue that holds the dots on can be quite problematic, causing machine needles to become gummed up, stitches getting skipped or broken, and your iron covered in those little dots.  Before you even attempt sewing with this fabric the first time, watch this demonstration so you can get some tips and tricks to working with this difficult fabric.  Hopefully, they'll help make your first time sewing with confetti dot fabric easy and painless.

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