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Waist Cincher Belt

Waist Cincher BeltThe waist cincher belt is a versatile accessory that can be used in many styles of Halloween costumes, from modern to historical to fantasy.  To create your own, is really not as difficult as most imagine and adding buckles and eyelets really go a long way in making the waist cincher look professional.  The one created in this tutorial not only have eyelets for a corseted look, but it also has buckles, boning, and a lining.  I'll show you how to create a basic pattern and how to sew it but feel free to change the style to suit the need of your particular costume.  In my example, I also used a faux suede.  Some may be tempted to want to use real leather for a more authentic look,  Not only is faux suede more economical and easier to obtain in most fabric stores, but it is also a lot easier to work with and easier to sew with on a regular home sewing machine.  I definitely recommend you get creative with the material you choose as most fabric stores have a lot of options and you can really create many different looks for your waist cincher belt.

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