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Vintage Apron

Vintage ApronVintage Apron MouseI love finding vintage half aprons in antique stores.  They're always super adorable, but I can never bring myself to purchase one as I'm sure I'll ruin it working in the kitchen.  Fortunately, I can make my own inspired vintage half apron!  This one is also cute, but I don't feel so bad using it as a real apron.  You can follow along with our new tutorial and create something similar to mine, using two contrasting fabrics and some rick rack.  The pocket is also optional, but I highly recommend it since pockets make everything better.  At the end of our tutorial, you'll see another example of an apron I made using simple muslin and mint green fabric and I added a hand embroidery that I got from a vintage iron-on transfer.  I'm really proud with how these came out and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well.

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