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Tulle Skirt

Tulle SkirtI love the tulle skirt.  Essentially it's a circle skirt that's made up of layers of tulle with a lining as the bottom layer.  Yes, it would be great as a costume piece but it's so beautiful and elegant that it can really be worn on any occasion when you want to wear something extra special.  This skirt has an exposed elastic waistband so it's also very comfortable to wear.  When making your skirt, you can choose to make it any length and you can choose the number of tulle layers there are.  The more layers of tulle you sew in, the fuller the skirt will look.  Just realize that in using tulle, you will be using a very delicate fabric so it's easy to snag and rip.  This tutorial shows you how to create your own pattern and then how to sew your own beautiful tulle skirt.

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