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Tulip Sleeve

Tulip SleeveAlthough, you don't see them very often, tulip sleeves are a type of sleeve that's been around for awhile.  I love when I see old vintage patterns that feature a tulip sleeve.  I think because they tend to be more uncommon, I find them more appealing.  For those of you that don't recognize the name, this sleeve is two sections that overlap in the middle and does look very much like a tulip.  If you want to duplicate this look, but can't find a pattern with it, don't fret.  In this tutorial, I show you how to take an ordinary inset sleeve pattern and alter for tulip sleeve pattern pieces.  Once you have your pieces, stick around, because then I show you how to sew it together and attach it to your bodice.  Voila!  Now you have tulip sleeves, just like me!

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