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Tapestry or Jacquard Fabric

Tapestry or JacquardTapestry and jacquard fabrics can be beautiful. These are woven fabrics that's part of the brocade family that usually has a floral or pictorial pattern, but a more heavy duty fabric. They're usually found in the home decorating section for home crafts but don't let this stop you. Tapestry fabric can also be used in garments as well, like coats and costumes or even for purses. If you're excited to try your hand at using tapestry, I don't blame you, but realize that it also has its issues. Like brocade, both tapestry and jacquard fray really badly, plus because they tend to be a thicker fabric, you have to take style considerations. Luckily, we have a video which will give you some tips on sewing with these types of fabrics so you can know exactly what you're jumping into.

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