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Sock Fox

The sock monkey is the most well-known animal to make with the popular red heel socks but it's fun to make different animals as well. This tutorial shows you how to make a sock fox which is easy to do with a pair of socks, some stuffing and our downloadable pattern pieces. You don't have to use the exact socks shown in the tutorial, you can use a different size or even other types of socks. Just realize the pattern pieces were created with these particular types of socks so you might have to do some alternations but the process would essentially be the same. I used 1 pair of large red heel socks for my fox and they can be purchased from the manufacturer here. The sock fox, like all our sock animals, has button eyes, but you can always replace the buttons with hand embroidery to make the toy safer for smaller children. You can also have fun with it, and make small clothes for the fox. I used a scrap of fleece I had and made him a scarf. Sock animals, like our fox, are fun and easy to make, plus they make great gifts. If you're looking for a playlist for all of our sock animals tutorials, click here.


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