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Sock Darning

Sock DarningWhen you think of darning a sock, do you imagine a little old grandma, sitting in a rocking chair, hunched over an old sock?  I mean do people really still darn socks?  While darning socks may seem old fashion and people tend to just toss out their worn socks and buy new ones, it's still a very valuable skill to have.  And let's face it, sometimes you do have a nice pair of socks that you really feel a little guilty tossing out just for a tiny hole.  I have several really nice, plush winter socks that have damage and with my repair I can continue to use them and they're almost as good as new.  This repair can be done on holes and sections that start to become worn out but are not quite a hole.  The repair stabilizes the area and prevents further damage from occurring.  While darning is all done by hand and can seem time consuming, it can be done while watching your favorite show so it feels less of a chore and extends the sock's life so you will end up also saving money.

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