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Simplicity Pattern 2172 Steampunk Dress Series – Coat

Steampunk Coat Front - Simplicity 2172Steampunk Coat Back - Simplicity 2172Steampunk - Simplicity 2172 - BowI love the Simplicity 2172 Steampunk dress and I think what really pulls this whole ensemble together is the coat. It's cute with just the bustier, but add the coat and you have added the wow.  It's definitely an unique coat that is short in the front, with just a panel going over the torso, and then it's long, almost floor length, in the back.  I also like the contrasting ruffles that go around the neckline and the sleeves.  It's a piece of the ensemble that adds layers, complexity and is just plain cool looking.  I also like that it has the ties in the back so you can cinch it up to make it more form fitting.  It definitely gives this steampunk outfit an air of the Victorian in its elegance.  I think a fun part is accessorizing the coat in the end.  We just go over the sewing steps in this tutorial, but the Simplicity directions easily show you how you can add chains like they did.

This coat is part of our Simplicity Pattern 2172 steampunk series.  We also have tutorials on the bustier and skirt, so you can easily create this whole steampunk ensemble.

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11 thoughts on “Simplicity Pattern 2172 Steampunk Dress Series – Coat

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    My sleeves were definitely long enough, even without ruffles. You can always cut a sleeve out of cheap material, like muslin and baste it together so you can slip it on and check the length. good luck and please post a pic when you finish your costume 🙂

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