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Simplicity 2588-Joan Holiday Dress

Simplicity Holiday Dress 2588 SideSimplicity Holiday Dress 2588 FrontSimplicity Holiday Dress 2588 BackSimplicity pattern 2588 from their Project Runway line is a sleek and sophisticated dress.  This is why I chose it to represent my Joan Holiday Dress.   The fabric I chose was a red, washable taffeta.  I love taffeta, because not only does it have a shine but it's a fabric that holds its shape really well.   It's just a cool, sexy dress with really classic lines.

There's also nothing easier than dressing it up or keeping it simple.  I used beautiful, red velvet ribbon which you can get on the Simplicity website to create an extra, classic detail.  This dress is easy to accessorize so it's an essential in everyone's closet.

This dress is part of the Simplicity Holiday Dress collection.  Also, check out the Betty Holiday Dress.

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  1. ProfessorPincushion

    If I’m understanding correctly, you’re wondering how to take a basic bodice pattern and alter it so that the front is a princess cut? This is definitely possible but I think too complicating to try and explain through writing. It will be the subject of one of our future premium tutorials on pattern drafting so definitely make sure you get our newsletters, so you get notified when it comes out. I’ll try and make it soon 🙂

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